A new year, a new blog…

Welcome to Mainstream Parenting Resources. I hope to devote this blog to the support of what Attachment Parenting/Natural Family Living devotees disparagingly call “mainstream parenting”. I’ll attempt to explain – using the scientific literature – why mainstream parenting practice is the way it is, and why claims of AP/NFL as a superior or ideal way of parenting are unfounded.

What qualifies me for this undertaking, you ask? Well, I should have my About Me page up soon enough. But here’s the short version:

I’m the mother of 3 mainstream-parented children, ranging in age from 4.5 – 10 years. It may be a little early to tell, but none of them has shown any ax-murdering tendencies…yet 😀 . I also happen to be a part-time practicing family physician in my hometown. Many of my patients are young mothers and their children, and I’m often asked for advice about childbirth, breastfeeding, vaccines, and sleep issues. More than once, an insecure new mother has asked for an appointment solely for the purpose of discussing these issues. I’d like to think that I helped reassure them, as Dr. Spock said, that “You know more than you think you do”, drawing on my experience both as a doctor and as an experienced mother.

So on this blog, I’ll be trying my best to translate the literature from Medicalese to English, add in a bit of personal and professional anecdote, and do my best to come up with something resembling an educated opinion. Better yet, I hope to give you, the reader, tools with which to come to an informed decision on these topics, even if the decision you come to is different than the one I would make. However – here comes the obligatory disclaimer – my medical advice per se is reserved for the living, breathing patients whom I can examine and relate to the specifics of their case. None of the information on this blog should be construed as medical advice – that is between you and your health care practitioner only.

And in the meantime, I wish you a happy, healthy, successful 2008!


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  1. OMG – I’ve been waiting for a blog like this since my daughter was born 18 months ago. I’m a mainstream parent at heart, but stuck at home with a newborn, a computer, and a whopping case of post-partum anxiety, I stumbled upon Attachment Parenting. It started a miserable six months of alternately thinking “WTF, that’s crazy,” and “Oh no, but what if they’re right?”

    Looking back, I can’t believe I was so freaked out. My daughter’s been raised pretty much “mainstream” and she’s an absolute joy to be around. I don’t have any regrets so far about how we’re raising her, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that we love her as much as any co-sleeping, extended-nursing, stroller-eschewing “mama” out there.

    I’ll be reading along!

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