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6 Responses

  1. I’m sad that so many mothers feel so much pressure to breastfeed that they miss out on the joy of a newborn baby. I care deeply about the well-being of new mothers and their babies, but I couldn’t care less about how someone else chooses to feed her baby, even though I am a militant-type breastfeeder myself.

    For me, working through the excruciating early weeks was important because I knew that breastfeeding in the long run was easier. I don’t like washing bottles and other little tiny things. I think that formula smells bad. I don’t want to pack around bulky diaper bags and all the feeding equipment. I have too many kids (okay, only three, but it seems like a lot) to be able to mess with bottles when I can just sneak a baby under my shirt for 5 minutes.

    I don’t think I’m better than any other mom for because I breastfeed. I’m just a bit lazier.

  2. Maybe you’re lazier, or maybe you just had (excruciating early weeks and all) an easier time of it than other women.

    And as someone who FFed (my eldest from 5 months onward), I honestly don’t get why washing a bottle and preparing formula is considered a big hassle. Especially if 50% of the bottles are prepared by Daddy or the daycare personnel…

  3. Estherar- yep, after the early months, bfing was smooth sailing. My kids don’t go to daycare, but if they did, they would have have formula, too. Pumping sounds too tough for me. Definitely not knocking others’ choices.

  4. I did pump…and have yet to meet the woman who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with her breastpump, LOL!

  5. I love my breastpump! I swear it releases me and because I’m a pumping mom I get entitled to extra breaks at work. I bring home quality milk that is FREEEEEEE and it doesn’t make my kid stink like a formula baby.

  6. Well, goody for you, Rachel. Most pumping women I know are relieved when our babies are a year old and we can stop hooking up to the damned milking machine, though continuing to breastfeed around work hours and on weekends.

    And being around babies quite a bit these days (and having had 3 of my own), I can honestly say that most babies who are washed and changed regularly don’t stink, regardless of what they’re fed. If they happen to have a loaded diaper, than an exclusively BF baby (no solids added) will usually have a weaker-smelling diaper – less cheesy – than a FF one on cows’ milk formula, but neither smell foul IMO; the stools of the children on soy and hydrolyzed formula is pretty bad-smelling, but those children are in the minority and if their diaper is clean, they don’t stink either.

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