Weirdest breastfeeding quote ever.

From the rapid responses to this article:

” The purpose of weaning is not to remove milk from the diet. The purpose of weaning is to weaken the maternal-infant bond, so that the infant can be introduced to other people and other food. The maternal bond is the most powerful and enduring relationship in our lives. In fact, we never fully separate from our mothers. We just find maternal substitutes, like food, friends, teachers, spouses, and doctors.”

–Hugh Mann, Physician, Eagle Rock, MO

My manly-man hubby, fillet mignon, my family physician, my friend Molly…all surrogate mommies to moi.

I really hope the dear doctor is speaking only for himself. Or maybe I’m not getting it because I was bottlefed.

But seriously….Huh?!!!

P.S. – I actually often tell my non-compliant patients, “I’m not your mother!”.

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4 Responses

  1. Since when is it at ALL a bad thing to have a little bit of breaking of the maternal bond? And why is the maternal bond more important than, say, the paternal bond, or the bond between siblings, or the bond that the child has with their own kids when they grow up?


  2. maybe he has issues because his parents named him HUGH MANN. hahaha!

    p.s. this is my first post, but i love your blog!

  3. Thanks, Desiree. I was wondering whether it was a pseudonym, myself!

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