Veronika meets her match…

From Little Britain:

Like Monty Python, finally a bit of Brit humor even Americans can ‘get’ 😉 .

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8 Responses

  1. What is this a new attachment parent blog?

  2. Who, me? 😉

  3. I watched that while nursing my 13.5 month old! I think he is a little to old for me.

  4. Ok really, are you that insecure with your parenting that you actually feel the need to attack the way others do things? I mean seriously??

    And I’m watching this while nursing my 18 month old! LOL, not to worry, babies self-wean by 8, just like Veronika’s did!

  5. I nursed a 13-month-old and an 18-month-old once…my now 8.5yo weaned at 21 months.

    The video is an extreme (and hence funny) case, but it’s rather sad when an 8yo hasn’t found other methods of nutrition and coping and still “needs” breastfeeding.

    Veronika is a nutcase and her girls have some very odd ideas about breasts and breastfeeding, which makes me think their late weaning ages were anything but natural. But quite aside from that, if they wean at 8, they’re most certainly not babies when they wean.

    Let me guess, you really truly believe that the average age of weaning world wide is 4.2 years and the natural range of weaning is 2.5-7…right? LOL…read my blog, you might learn something!

    And no, I’m not insecure about my parenting. My kids are long weaned, they’re good, normal children and showing every sign of not growing up to be axe-murdering psychopaths. As a younger mother, however, I resented deeply the APers telling mothers like me that if they didn’t child-led wean/cosleep/sling, etc., their children would be damaged…all this upon the flimsiest of evidence. So I decided to write this blog as a resource for mothers, so they can answer deluded fools who fall for those scare tactics and show them what the science actually says on these topics.

  6. I thought the clip was wicked funny. Why do folks take breast feeding so seriously. It is not a religion. It is food for babies. Not 30 year old men…..Thus the humor!!!!!

  7. Wendy, Jessica, Jody et al. are from the ‘formula is crap in a can’ brigade at CafeMom:

    What did you expect from them, a sense of humor? 😉

  8. I don’t think anyone would ever accuse them of having a sense of humor. . .

    Thanks for the great post it really made me laugh.

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