The Crunch-o-Meter

A discussion over in the comments at Dr. Amy’s reminded me of this online quiz:

How Crunchy are You?

I got a 35 – what, not completely soggy?! OH NOEZ!!!

Post your score…and let me know if you think I should put this quiz on one of the sidebars for the use of all newcomers – just to check their compatibility with this blog, y’know.

There will be no upper or lower “crunchiness factor” required for posting here, though. 🙂

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26 Responses

  1. I scored a 69! Always nice when that happens.

  2. lol… I got a 73. I never would have thought I’d be “Pretty crispy!”

  3. 39- sprinkled with granola.

  4. 42!

  5. 63-Pretty Crispy!

  6. 54. Lower than I expected. I’m kind of relieved!

  7. 80. For my sins!

  8. 25. That’s low, but still “sprinkled with granola”….

  9. 78, and I thought I was normal.

  10. 34, just behind Esther.

  11. 55

  12. 47. Some “natural” stuff also happens to be practical, so I forgive myself. (Rooming in, eating right– not neccessarily organic– breastfeeding, etc)

  13. 17.
    I believe they should knock some points off my score for not only wearing shoes, but slipping back into my stilettos one month postpartum.

  14. I agree with you, Basiorana. As much as I’d rather not be identified with the crunchy crowd, I don’t have a problem with any of my answers. 🙂

  15. 30 – – they got me on the whole grain foods and the fact that I breastfed (little did they realize it was at least partially due to the fact that I am cheap and too lazy to carry around formula.

  16. Stopping in to represent the crunchier end of the spectrum: 139. 🙂

  17. Hiya CJ! I didn’t realize you still were reading. Nice to see you! 🙂

  18. 44! I love how you are penalized for some of the options because you don’t have 2 kids. Do I tandem nurse? No, because I’m not pregnant.

    The biggest F-you to the quiz comes from the breastfeeding question. You get one Yes–Child Led Weaning, then LESS points for Yes–Including exclusively pumping moms. What, if your kid has a problem like a cleft lip, tongue tie, or weak suck, somehow that’s LESS of a “yes” than what exactly? Being on the pump 12 times a day while still raising a family should get MORE points.

    How about: What goes in your kid? a) Breastmilk b) Breastmilk and Formula c) Formula d) Pureed Lunchables. The end.

  19. I got a 35 also. I guess I am not crunchy

  20. 102.

    Flay me alive 😛

    We homeschool, but I don’t get what that has to do with ‘crunchiness.’

  21. Homeschooling (and even more so, unschooling) is very much part of the Natural Family Living credo. This usually refers to the non-religious homeschoolers, mind.

  22. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Big ups!

  23. Oh, I know the NFL types are really into it (I used to post at MDC until recently, can’t take it anymore, though), but I still thought it was funny to see on a “crunchy” quiz. After all, they tend to be really into Montessori and Waldorf, to!

  24. Procrastinating on moving/cleaning, so took the quiz

    47 Sprinkled with granola!

    Considering that my youngest is 19 years, 9 months, I answered the questions as if she were a newborn. And I guess I practiced “child led weaning” since she completely lost interest at about 14 months — too busy exploring.

    I did use a sling a lot, but not really “wearing my baby”. I have the sense that the self-righteousness of the Crunchies has really been facilitated by the internet, which wasn’t much in evidence in 1988.

  25. I scored 19…. is that the lowest score? No, actually I see a 17 up there.

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