Separating wheat from woo: A medical search engine

How many times have you Googled for reliable information on a ‘hot’ parenting issue, only to come up with thousands of links pointing to biased propaganda? It’s often hard to find the reliable sources among the multitude of links.

But I’ve just found a relatively new specialized search engine geared to physicians called Pogofrog. It uses Google search engine technology to ferret out only those links from medically-oriented databases and websites, such as PubMed, MedlinePlus, eMedicine, the CDC, WHO and FDA. No chance you’ll go looking for information about vaccines and ending up with a link to or the National Vaccine (mis)Informationon Center on the very first page of search results, as opposed to the equivalent Google search. It’s not perfect by any means: The better lay-oriented websites won’t be picked up by this search engine, unfortunately. Conversely, the Lamaze-published, big on editorializing Journal of Perinatal Education, which is indexed in PubMed, will be. But at least the large majority of the links you get will be reliable ones, even if some may be jargon-heavy.

And though it’s technically a “search engine for physicians”, the program declined to ask me for my MD license before presenting me with results…so I figure even non-physicians can use it 😉 .


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3 Responses

  1. Thanks! That will be very useful! Usually I just go to webMD or the AAP, because those are the only websites I know are reputable. 🙂

  2. You must share this, Esther. Every time we have a vaccine debate I get pm’s asking for reliable sources. People are hungry for them.

  3. Feel free to use it wherever, Stace. 🙂

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