Why I’m not a millionaire

Because I could never have the cojones (or rather, the lack of ethics) to sell a product like this:

I mean, we all know that drinking water can help you lose weight, but this is just plain ridiculous!

I hear the Japanese really go for it, though. Well, maybe except for the Sumo wrestlers.

As far as I can tell, the item’s for real – though snopes.com is oddly silent regarding this…

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6 Responses

  1. lol, there’s a commercial here advertising some brand of fitness water. Their big selling point is that their water “only” has 60 calories, while other fitness waters have over 100. My water doesn’t have any calories… 😉

  2. Has any one noticed the semi mystical quality drinking water is imbued with these days? I mean, it’s great to be hydrated. It beats being dehydrated. But what’s up with all the people walking around clutching their water bottles and all the “exhortation to drink your water!” I know of two deaths – caused by drinking too much water. I know that’s incredibly rare but it strikes me as ironic that they were caused by paranoia about not drinking enough water. (one in the UK over a decade a go and one more recently – you can read about it over at stats.org and yes, I’m just being lazy about the link… sorry it’s been a long unproductive day)

  3. OMG that is funny. So does that mean this water has negative calories?

  4. Ha! Nancy, here’s an interesting discussion of the water craze:


    I also wonder why people in my area drink bottled water. We have one of the highest water qualities and best flavors in the country and yet everyones paying money on top of their water bill to get more.

  5. That’s an interesting article, Willa. I have a personal grudge against the “8*8” rule myself (I underwent many medical procedures that necessitated my drinking plenty of water beforehand, sometimes until I was sick), the point of water not raising one’s metabolic rate is well taken. I was thinking more of drinking in between meals – I notice I often mistake my thirst signal for one of hunger and overeat, until I realize that I should have been drinking to satisfy my discomfort. And living in a hot and dry area, I see plenty of people who are marginally dehydrated with a myriad of vague symptoms – headaches, fatigue, nausea – who ‘miraculously’ improve when they drink more.

  6. That was a absolutely awesome Willa. Just when I thought she’d said it all, there was more and I’m feeling very self-satisfied now because it confirmined all my suspicions. Coincidentally I knew about her site because she’d quoted andarticle of mine at one point but I hadn’t visited for ages. I’ll definitely spend some time catching up.

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