New Blog launch: Rational Moms

I saw this on James Randi’s site:

We grow up hearing fairy tales from our parents. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy… and then what political party to belong to, what religion to believe, what brands to be loyal to. It can be very tough on a kid to find out their parents may not be the most critical of thinkers. Worse, uncritical thinking can be very dangerous when it comes to the health of your child. Acupuncture, chiropractic, chelation, antivaccination beliefs and many more can seriously endanger children.

That’s why Los Angeles critical thinkers Jessie Marion (a director, film editor, and choreographer) and Julie Mullen (a writer and teacher) are starting up a blog for skeptical parenting. Called Rational Moms, it’s still in its birth throes. They want to cover such topics as “… vaccinations, the perceived rise in autism, acupuncture for fertility, organic food (baby food especially), genetically modified foods, chiropractors for kids, as well as personal experience stories on just about anything regarding pregnancy or parenting.”

I contacted Jessie Marion ASAP, and she told me they were launching October 1st. And they did…so go have a browse, ‘cos it looks to be good.

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  1. Wow I got really hurt going to a chiropractor. And many folks still sing their praises to me. It seems that chiropractors have become somewhat mainstream in my neck of the woods. Which is somewhat concerning to me. People have even told me I should go to a different chiropractor! I tell them I am all set. I will check out that blog

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