New addition to the mainstream parenting blog family

Angela is a commenter both here and at Dr. Amy’s blog. I was thrilled to find she’d started a blog of her own, Cerebral Parenting, as her comments were long, but always profound. I am happy to add her to my blogroll as yet another mainstream parenting resource, and read her wonderful essays.



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  1. Esther, thanks for the recommendation! That’s a great blog. I’m interested in something you said in your comment there:

    “almost all of modern parenting discourse, even the supposed mainstream, is informed by the AP/NFL ideal.”

    Could you expand on that a bit more here, when you have time?

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Where’s the study for outcome for a child raised in a stable home, with kind parents, and a loving extended family?

    While I am at it where is the article that reads, ‘Baby vaxed on schedule, fine’.

  3. OMG Rachel, I nearly cracked a rib laughing. Or crying. Or maybe both. Then I looked up the original study and thought to myself, “there has to be a blogpost in this!”.

    Look for it…

    Tricia – it’s something I’ve been pondering for a while now. Yes, I intend to expand upon it here, it just has to coalesce a bit more.

  4. plenty of people commenting on it from both sides… gues which types of blog take each side? want to guess what naturalparenting thinks?

    The problem with the study is not the sample (20 babies) or the length (1 hour walk). The real problem is that they didn’t measure the stress of the mother when she trips, falls dawn and breaks her tush because she was so busy talking to the baby that she didn’t see the tree…

    I guess we need to repeat the study and add something to the stroller to prevent these types of accidents, like the new cars that have the beeper when you go on reverse.

    Please excuse me while I run to buy a pram, maybe I won’t need to ask my PED to evaluate my daughter for language delays if I take her on a pram for a 3 hour walk.

  5. So if you have one of those tandem strollers where one child faces you and the other faces away, can you just alternate which child has which spot to mitigate the problem? lol

  6. I really like this response to the stroller study from the NHS

    I mean really they measured the infant’s heart rate as the evidence of “stress”. But what if the baby was excited about what s/he was seeing when s/he was forward facing? There is no way to discern what caused the heart rate to go up. And also interesting is the observation that the babies facing their mother cried more! Talk about both researchers and journalists completely misinterpreting a study!

  7. Oh, there’s lots more wrong with that study than just the heartbeat measurement as a stress indicator. I’m in the middle of writing about it (though if I pointed out every flaw in that study, the post would have to be in 10 parts!)

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