Offit’s book a rallying point for the pro-vaccine camp?

I sure hope so:

Dr. Offit’s book, published in September by Columbia University Press, has been widely endorsed by pediatricians, autism researchers, vaccine companies and medical journalists who say it sums up, in layman’s language, the scientific evidence for vaccines and forcefully argues that vulnerable parents are being manipulated by doctors promoting false cures and lawyers filing class-action suits.

“Opponents of vaccines have taken the autism story hostage,” Dr. Offit said. “They don’t speak for all parents of autistic kids, they use fringe scientists and celebrities, they’ve set up cottage industries of false hope, and they’re hurting kids. Parents pay out of their pockets for dangerous treatments, they take out second mortgages to buy hyperbaric oxygen chambers. It’s just unconscionable.”…

…Dr. Nancy J. Minshew, a neurologist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a leading autism expert, said she had begun telling any parent asking about vaccines to read the Offit book. A brain-imaging specialist who gets no money from vaccine companies, she said she had never met or spoken with Dr. Offit.

The article is great, however I wish they would have corrected the record about Offit’s supposed conflict of interest in advocating vaccines, due to his supposedly being the holder of a patent for Rotateq (a vaccine against rotavirus):

His opponents dismiss him as “Dr. Proffit” because he received millions in royalties for his RotaTeq vaccine.

Actually, Offit is not the patent holder; the hospital he works for (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) did, and they have since sold it. Liz Ditz has the goods on this. Offit is also donating the royalties from the sale of his book to autism research.

My review of Offit’s excellent book is here.


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  1. Offit is my hero of the day. He’s one of my top candidates for hero of the decade.

  2. This article came out just in time. My local parent message board was abuzz responding to an inquiry about alternative vax schedules. All responses were were in the Dr Sears vein and urging the original poster to do her ‘research’ and ‘be informed’.

    I was composing a vax your kid response. Despite efforts to control it, the tone was a little terse. Well, I put it in my draft folder to sleep on it and lo and behold someone posted this article. In follow up I posted the link to Offit’s take down of Sears in Pediatrics and we’re all happy.

  3. Apparently, Jay Gordon, Jenny McCarthy’s fav anti-vax doc and one of the two docs involved in Maggiore’s daughter’s treatment – has found the cure for

    The ADD and ADHD Cure: The Natural Way to Treat Hyperactivity and Refocus Your Child – released November 2008. complete with celeb endorsements – none of which state their child was “cured” but that this is good for all parents . . .

  4. I looked up the books below on Amazon Sales Ranking – the good news is Offit’s book – Autism’s False Prophets is by FAR outselling the woo books:

    Autism’s False Prophets – Sales Ranking 595
    Jenny McCarthy – Mother Warrior – Sales Ranking – 4,797
    Jay Gordon – ADD ADHD Cure – Sales Ranking 339,685

  5. KEC- that means autism research is getting far more royalties money thatn those lining the pockets of Jenny and Jay. Woo hoo!!!

  6. Looks like we’re going to need this rally to be strong:

    On a separate note, I think that the goal posts are moving again, because now it’s not just autism that people need to link to vaccines, its ADD/ADHD, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, etc, etc, etc. This is getting exasperating.

  7. Here is an interesting take. The comment section suggests we could get a few of those moms on board.

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