This ought to be interesting.

Largest study of US child health begins:

WASHINGTON – Scientists begin recruiting mothers-to-be in North Carolina and New York this week for the largest study of U.S. children — aiming eventually to track 100,000 around the country from conception to age 21.

“We are embarking on the road to discovering the preventable causes of the major chronic diseases that plague American children today,” Dr. Philip Landrigan of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, one of the lead researchers, declared Tuesday.

Nearly a decade in the planning, the ambitious National Children’s Study tackles a major mystery: How the environment — everything from a pregnant woman’s diet to a child’s exposure to various chemicals — interacts with genetics to affect youngsters’ health and development.

Autism, asthma, certain birth defects and other child disorders are on the rise, as is concern about which environmental factors play a role. Plus, many adult diseases take root in childhood.

But while technology has finally advanced enough to separate multichemical and gene-environment interactions, research until now hasn’t included enough children to prove why some are more at risk than others. The hope is that the new study can identify both what’s harmful and what’s not.

Among the big questions: When someone is genetically vulnerable to a disease like diabetes, are there early environmental exposures that push them over the edge? And does simple exposure to common compounds — such as plastics or pesticides found in people’s urine — mean they were harmed? If so, are there key periods when exposure is riskiest?

In 2000 Congress ordered the National Institutes of Health to establish the study, but tight budgets delayed the project. Plus, it took years of planning to ensure the 105 locations where families ultimately will participate are a scientifically representative sample of the nation’s diverse population.

It’s not at all clear that autism rates are on the rise, as opposed to merely being diagnosed more often. But the project itself is bound to prove an interesting endeavor.

You can read more at the National Children’s Study website.


5 Responses

  1. The anti-vaxers are really excited about this. On one board I checked in on for a laugh, someone commented that finally the truth will come out about vaccinations harmful impact on health.

  2. The study looks very interesting.

    I think I’ve pulled this up before but I think it bears repeating. There are studies showing that as autism rates have allegedly risen rates of other illnesses have fallen.

    The article points out that, while many more students are being diagnosed with autism far fewer are being diagnosed with learning disabilities and mental retardation.

    I think that an extremely valid point.

  3. Wow. What a huge undertaking.

  4. Willa…and of course, if it turns out yet again that there is no connection, I wonder what conspiracy theory they’ll make up to explain that

  5. Isn’t that the beauty of the shifting goal post? It can go anywhere.

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