Skeptical Parent Crossing #4 is up…

Over at SkepDad’s. I’m hosting the carnival next month, and boy, is he going to be a tough act to follow. Good work, Brad!

Entries for the next carnival can be submitted here.

Enjoy! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Something else for you: Remember Linda Folden Palmer? Another AP blogger has done a post about her article on co-sleeping, and Linda Folden Palmer and I are getting into a bit of a discussion in the comments. This looks like it might be interesting. (my first comment is the fourth one down).

  2. Sorry, just to clarify: That wasn’t meant to be a submission to the Carnival, since what I’ve written is comments on someone else’s post, not my own post. This was just a handy post to let you know.

  3. Interesting. She doesn’t actually respond to your question, does she?

    I’d like to see her square what she says in the first paragraph with her admission here regarding the true import of McKenna’s studies. “Using intuition alone…”? Riiiight….

  4. Indeed she doesn’t, as I have pointed out to her in my lengthy follow-up comment. (Forgot to say that the blog in question is moderated, so it’ll take a while for my comments to show up. Watch that space.) 😉

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