Coffee, meet computer screen.

That’s what happened when I read LadyinRed’s rant about homebirth over at BPE.

I know LiR from the comments over at Dr. Amy’s; is she the same person who posts over here as RedOne?

Anyway, my nasal mucosa is still on fire. And it’s all her fault.


6 Responses

  1. lol….I finished my coffee so I guess I am safe to read her post.

  2. What posts make you think that LadyInRed and RedOne are one in the same person?

  3. Just the similarity of the name…if you’re someone different, RedOne, I apologize.

  4. Sorry to disappoint, but she’s much funnier than me. I’m just a simple housewife who would never want to offend anyone in such a way.

  5. I’m drinking tea and managed to keep it from hitting the screen, but just barely.

  6. Hi Esther!

    I just got around to reading the new comments on my guest post at I’m so happy you came across it and thrilled that you thought it was worth linking to your blog. I am the same LIR from Dr.Amy’s site, but not the RedOne posting here. Thanks so much for your kudos!

    BTW, I too am just a simple housewife, but I do get kicks out of offending crunchy-granola people!!! ;p

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