MMR-autism scare: the truth is out at last

Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, London GP, father of an autistic child, and outspoken critic of the MMR/autism hypothesis via his column at Spiked and his book on the subject, has a new article at Spiked in which he discusses the Autism Omnibus’ recent ruling.

While the Omnibus was a legal proceeding and its rulings do not prove anything scientifically one way or another, it’s undeniable that a lot of good science and scientists, as well as plenty of bad ones, were revealed to the public as a result of it. Dr. Fitzpatrick highlights both in his quotes, summaries and commentary on the decisions of the Special Masters’ judgements.

Go read it all


One Response

  1. Wow. I read every word. I’m stunned! I was very sad to read about these poor kids being put through such invasive procedures by these awful quacks.

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