Babies at work?

Bring your Child to Work Day happens quite often in my child-centered society. Given that the school and work year don’t always coincide, people who work in the evening can’t always find babysitter, and the school year, often as not, will start with a teachers’ strike, it’s not unheard for parents to bring their children to work once in a while. Most bosses are understanding, as long as it’s not disruptive to the workplace and it’s not on a regular basis.

As it happens, the kids are out of school today because it’s the eve of the Jewish holdiay Purim, but parents (like me and my hubby) are still expected to work our usual hours. Which means that my daughter played in my clinic all morning. It’s a small clinic, and along with the regular patients, it got just a leetle bit rowdy. At least she had the nurse’s 4-year-old to play with. While we can all cope for a session here and there, and from past experience, and the patients (most of whom are either parents to small children or children themselves) are very understanding – this probably wouldn’t go over quite as well if it happened every time I was at work.
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