A public cervix…

…oops, I meant service, or self-absorption in the extreme?

You decide.

If the point is to give an idea what cervical mucus looks at different points in the female cycle (e.g., for purposes of Natural Family Planning), wouldn’t pictures of mucus on a slide be better? Or is buying a gynecological speculum, learning how to use it on yourself, and admiring your cervix in the mirror the epitome of feminine self-actualization these days?

Actiually, isn’t that, like, so ’70s second-wave feminism?


5 Responses

  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! I’m speechless and a bit nauseated…

  2. It gave me flashbacks to a DVD I bought when I was pergnant. It was ostensibly about prenatal exercises. Little did I know this would entail doing kegels every waking moment, from dawn to dusk. “Let’s just try 250 deep kegels just to get started.Think of yourself as a flower opening an closing” . Now, try to remember to do this every five minutes (from now until you give birth). You may not be surprised to learn that I failed to do this (and yet it’s still pretty much a toss up in my mind which is worse, weeing when I sneeze to vigorously or spending 8 months “BE-ing the flower”

    Part of the bonus material was a comedy routine featuring women of a certain age dressed as the uterus and the pelvic floor. Think of the fruit of the loom guys only as female body parts. They actually SANG A SONG about kegels. I don’t remember all of it but the chorus went “Squeeze baby squeeze, I’ll even say ‘please’ “.

    I had just about wiped it from my memory but with this thread it has all come flooding back in graphic detail. And all this in the week the clocks went forward. Oh the humanity!

  3. I think I’ll pass on clicking that link… 😉

  4. On the one had I guess I respect the opinion of the people who thought this was beautiful, on the other hand de gustibus no disputandum est.

  5. It’s not that I found seeing all those pictures of her cervix disgusting or sexually inappropriate (I don’t), or that the site itself doesn’t have value for, say, medical and midwifery students – I think it does, though 5 or 6 representative photos depicting the different environments the cervix dips in would probably be a better teaching aid, and pictures of the cervical mucus only would be even better if the site’s purpose is to provide FAM education. And women who are just curious to see what a cervix looks like can find tons of pics with Google Image Search.

    What bothers me is that the website’s name and the day-by-day photos indicate to me that she’s coming at this project not as a learning aid for professionals/curious women, but more in the sense of “Look at my Magickal Mystickal Wommonly Seat of Power”. Which, as I mentioned, has been done to death 30 years ago, has always struck me as incredibly self-absorbed, and frankly, I’d rather my brains (feminine quirkiness and all 😉 ) defined me than my cervix…

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