I’m officially a twit now.

I’m not the most sociable human being in the universe, and really not that much of a conversationalist, either. But I’ve decided that using Twitter has certain advantages, so you can now find my (mostly off-topic and boring, admittedly) ramblings at http://twitter.com/estherar , or just click on the pretty icon (courtesy of Siah Design) on the upper left corner of the blog.

Any tips and tricks regarding the medium would be welcome. And let me know who you are if you’re there, so I can follow you! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. This is totally unrelated to your post, but I couldn’t find the one where you asked us to contribute post ideas. I figured this post would work since I wasn’t interrupting a good conversation. 😉

    Would you be interested in looking at the studies about extended rear-facing for car seats? I’ve noticed that it’s really big right now and I’m just curious what sort of real studies have been done on it. Right now I mostly see arguments to the effect of “If you don’t do this then you don’t love your child!”

    I don’t have to make a decision on it one way or the other for a while, because my 1 year old is only 16 lbs right now so I won’t be switching her anytime soon. lol

  2. I’ll have a look at them…I have to admit that of all the issues parents obsess about, this is one I’ve, thankfully, not been subjected to too much. My kids switched to front-facing at 20lbs. or a year, whatever came later (only my daughter was switched later than a year IIRC). But my 11-yo is still in a booster seat – because he’s short for his age and, even more importantly, he hasn’t protested yet! 🙂

    (Mind you, I still need to get to a lot of the other issues I was asked to write about. Bad Esther, Bad!)

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