Now you can not only feed the world…

Through websites such as Free Rice. Now you can vaccinate the world, too!

At, you play a word game while donating milliliters of life-saving vaccines via the GAVI Alliance (Go visit their website if you’ve never heard of them, they do holy work).

I might put my meager Photoshop skills to work making a button to link to these folks on this blog’s sidebar.


3 Responses

  1. I have sent that link everywhere I can including Orac, the straight dope and two of my writer’s groups.

    I also sent it to Paul Offit who wrote back to me to say thank you.

    Great work Esther. I’m going to donate some of my writing profits there as well.

  2. Thanks for this, Esther. If you do create a Photoshop button, would you be willing to share with those of us with no skills (not to mention no Photoshop) whatsoever?

    • According to the woman who is affiliated with the website, they’re working on a button and should have one to give me soon. If not, I’ll design one and will be glad to share it with you or anyone else.

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