New to the science-based blogosphere

I’ve been updating my blogroll today, and I’m happy to say that compared to…well, not too long ago, there are plenty of link-worthy new blogs out there.

Most of you probably already know Dr. Amy Tuteur from Homebirth Debate (which is staying in my blogroll even though it’s no longer active, because it’s a great resource). Building upon the success of her newer blog at Salon, she has now launched The Skeptical OB. Some of the subjects might seem familiar to you from her previous blogs, but there is a lot of new material as well, and knowing Amy, the discussions in the comments are sure to be interesting. 🙂

Squillo, a commenter here who I first met in the comments of Dr. Amy’s blog, has decided to try her hand at blogging as well. She does so (and very well, I might add) at Confutata. Don’t miss her recent takedown of Jim Carrey’s HuffPo screed. (Yes, I know I should have tackled that one, but so many have already, and did it so much better).

Lastly, I recently found a new blog (up since January) written by a Canadian pharmacist, Scott Gavura, called Science-Based Pharmacy – not to be confused with the other two blogs in my blogroll with similar names (which are also always worth a look). Scott’s post on bioidentical hormones is a favorite of mine – a fellow family physician with an ‘alternative’ bent living in my city has made millions by prescribing these to all the posh Tel Aviv ladies with hypochondria and money to burn *sigh*. Similarly, his most recent post on the efficacy of other ‘natural’ treatments for menopausal symptoms is a great read.

Have fun reading! 🙂


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  1. “recent take down” that is pure gold. I will have to check out squillo’s blog. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Esther, and for the heads-up on Science-Based Pharmacy.

  3. Amy Tuteur recently made a post attacking single mothers by choice and gay parents. I suspect that because she has, by her own admission, a child on the autistic spectrum, she gets jealous when she sees happy families and wants to make herself feel better by criticizing them. She’s like the unhappy little kid who throws rocks at his classmates because it looks they’re having fun (though in Amy’s case it would be breaking their arm, judging by a previous post of hers).

    It seems like having a disabled child can bring out the best in people (like my aunt, who has a stepdaughter with Down Syndrome) or the worst, like Dr. Amy. Their true colours shine through.

    • What an…um, interesting theory. Of course, you must have broached the subject to Amy herself on her own blog. I’m sure she would be fascinated by your unique perspective.

      What’s that? You haven’t?

      Very gutsy of you. 😉

    • Emilia Liz: I have no idea how happy or unhappy Amy’s family life may be, and I am no big fan of hers myself. However, has she posted anything suggesting that having a child on the autistic spectrum makes her unhappy? If not, then please don’t assume that that’s a given. I have a child on the autistic spectrum, and I’m very happy indeed with him. We have a wonderful family.

  4. EstherAr, I think Amy’s very gutsy to criticize people who don’t meet the standards of the Moral Majority. Criticizing gay and single parents (by the way, I’m neither), oh, what a bold unheard of step.

    Sarah V., I never said all parents of autistic children were unhappy. My sister has an adopted daughter with fetal alcohol syndrome, and despite the challenges it presents, they’re very happy.

    Now it’s ironic that Amy once called the Palestinians a misogynist homophobic people (note: I don’t take either side in the Israeli-Palestinian issue; I’m a so-called isolationist). Well, I can imagine Arkan in hell turning to Pablo Escobar and calling him a criminal (or vice versa).

    Look, if Amy’s going to attack people, she’d better be prepared for the same. Oh, I better be careful in criticizing Amy. She might break my arm!

    • You seem to be reading volumes into Amy’s intentions and probably lots into her posts as well. For example, her reference about the Palestinians refers rather clearly not to individual Palestinian people, but to their leadership (Which is factually correct and I agree 100%, btw. Unless you think executing homosexuals and women suspected of defiling their family’s “honor” is somehow not homophobic and misogynistic). This is the second time someone has posted on my blog with the sole purpose of bashing Dr. Amy. Doesn’t that strike you as just a wee bit cowardly?

      If you have a problem with what she says or some grand theory as to why she says it – go hash it out with her, on her own blog. I’m not a Dr. Amy clone and I disagree with her about plenty of things. And if I care enough about the subject to do so, I discuss it with her over there.

  5. One final word: I actually sent her a note similar to my previous post, and she never responded. So who’s the real coward here? I’m a coward and she’s not?

  6. EL, Dr. Amy is rather bold in her style, but very few things, probably no things, she says are unsupported. When she is challenging the status quo, I am thinking on recent postings around Alzheimers, it is very unsettling, but I think healthy that she says things that need saying for consideration. If you disagree, go to her blog let her know what you think and support it with some facts and she’s pretty fair.

  7. Actually, she was confronted by someone who stated that there were studies showing that children of gay parents did as well as those with heterosexual ones, yet she stuck to her point of view. It’s kind of like trying to argue with a creationist that the Earth didn’t come into being 6,000 years ago. I did read one study that showed children of gays and lesbians were less aggressive than average. That’s terrible; I guess these kids won’t ever threaten to break anyone’s arm. What a loss to society.

    • Care to provide a link?

      • No, please, stop. If Emilia Liz has a problem with something Amy posts, let her have the guts to confront her on her own blog about it. As I said before, I don’t have to agree with every last thing she says in order to find her blog a valuable resource.

  8. Quite right, Esther, and apologies. I follow that blog pretty closely and have no idea what she’s referencing.

  9. Amy Tuteur’s a bitch.

    • Again with this cowardly crap?

      For the last time: if you think something about Dr. Amy, go tell her on HER blog. In the interest of having an open comments policy, I have never deleted any comments here other than obvious spam. Try to avoid being the first commenter deleted for being obnoxious.

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