featuring in Wales

Where doctors are seeing the worst outbreak in years:

Health chiefs in Wales are dealing with a “massive” measles outbreak, with numbers already four times the highest figure recorded over the past 13 years.

Four nursery school children were treated in hospital as part of 127 cases across mid and west Wales, while there are another 35 cases in Conwy.

The National Public Health Service (NPHS) in Wales saw 39 cases last year. Its highest figure in 2003 was 44.

Officials appealed for parents to take up the MMR vaccine.

Dr Mac Walapu, consultant in communicable disease control for the NPHS, said: “For as long as there are children who do not receive their MMR vaccinations, there is the potential for outbreaks of measles to happen and we would remind anyone in Wales, and not just in the affected area.”

A spokeswoman added: “We need to be up front with parents.”

She added: “We try not to be too scary when we talk to people about this, but children die of measles and children are impaired by measles. “It puts children in hospital. The reality it is that this is happening now, in Wales. Measles is very contagious.”

(Been a bit under the weather with a non-vaccine preventable viral illness myself, hence relatively light posting of late. Sorry.)


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  1. Scary. I was chatting with a couple the other day. They were completely unaware that whooping cough could be fatal for babies.

  2. I really believe that the vaccine hysteria won’t turn around until we have an outbreak that kills a telegenic child. I know that’s horrible and cynical, but there you are.

  3. Esther, I’m seeing some of the comments on other posts from people claiming that diet, supplements, etc. are helping their children with autism. One thing that isn’t well understood is that even autistic children will improve their language and other skills as they get older. In other words, autistic children go through developmental stages as well, though those stages may be delayed or incomplete. Very few children don’t progress at all, even if you don’t give any treatment. So parents may think their kids are improving because of supplements or a GFCF diet when in fact it’s simply that the child is maturing and like all children, the older they get, the more skills they acquire. I thought it would be interesting if you could address that in a future post.

    • Yes, there’s a thread linking here on Babycenter. I’ve composed a response a couple of times yesterday but we keep on having power outages (grrr…). There are many links in my response as well, so a post would probably be in order. But that’ll have to be after coffee and work.

  4. Oh, one more thing: I found an essay by a woman with an autistic child and the fears she had about vaccinating her second child. It gives great insights into the fears parents have about vaccinating.

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