How to win friends and influence people


Of this, it can be said (click on thumbnail for the full effect):

Sorry posting has been very sparse of late. I’m dealing with several work-related projects at least until next week…I thought that once I was all growned up and a doctor and all, I’d never have homework again. Boy, was I wrong!

There is also something I’d like to blog about, but in the interest of getting the full story, I’m putting it off.


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  1. Okay, I don’t get the cosleepers one. What does that have to do with getting dirty, or garages???

    Oh. Wait. I get it. *rollseyes* Whatever. *snerk*

  2. Crap like that is why I stopped using stuff like CafeMom. The signatures of some of those women were just obnoxious: “Mom to a breast-feeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, home-schooling, organic food making, non-vaxing, intact…” yadda yadda yadda. Like a mommy pissing contest. Very annoying.

  3. Jessica – you might be interested in this old post.

  4. Here’s my t-shit proudly proclaiming my personal choices that nobody else really cares about:

    New Yorker-reading

    • Heh. See, I enjoy communicating by t-shirt though. My personal favorite is: “Hi. I don’t care. Thanks.” 😀

  5. Squillo, I love it. I am going to make my own t-shirt too.

    Birth tour guide
    Stained glass making
    Fine Art loving
    Beach walking searching for sea glass.
    Elvis Costello listening
    Mother of 2 humans, wife to one human.
    Fortunate enough to be working on Maslows self actualization project.

    Maybe we should all make T-shirts like this? We could even have T-shirt parties like cocktail parties and make our shirts in advance and then we would have loads to talk about!

  6. Squillo, you don’t like mushrooms?

  7. These shirts serve one purpose and one purpose only. To warn others that mommy must be avoided like the swine flu.

  8. I still use Cafemom, but I’ve turned off signatures so that I don’t have to read all of the crap people are shoveling. Plus I avoid the crunchy groups and it helps. 🙂

    I just feel sorry for the little boys whose moms are so public about the state of their penises, whether they are intact or circed. Can you imagine how embarassing it would be to see pictures of yourself wearing that years later?

    • You raise an interesting point about pictures ‘n stuff. When I was spending more time on Babycenter, trying to figure out what the heck was going with these folks, esp. hardcore natural birthing and extended breast-feeding types, I remember one woman posting a ‘blackmail picture’ of her son, who I assume was the older brother of a nursing baby, because it was a picture of him holding a babydoll up to his chest pretending to breastfeed.

      Now, personally, I am not much of tot pic poster (not because I fear the internet stalkers, but more she’s not really a part of the decision to post them) and there’s nothing wrong with the pic on it’s own, but I was like, ‘OK, it’s horrible to use pain relief during labor and to wean your child when you’ve sort of had enough (whether that 6 months, a year, two years), but it’s OK to blackmail them down the line?’ I get that it was a joke, but it’s not a very ‘gentle parenting’ joke.

      And this is what kind of gets me, because I feel that this stuff is more ideological than useful or practical, and if you’re ideological you kind of have to walk the walk completely else your whole schtick falls apart like a house of cards (see recent love affair of either family values pols Sen Ensign, a Promise Keeper, or Gov. Sanford, who wanted Clinton to resign over the Lewinsky affair, but he gets to keep his job). I don’t have any ‘blackmail’ pics of my daughter, but I also haven’t based my whole parenting existence on being more attached, more bonded, more informed than all those slobs who just go along with what Big Pharma experts like my ped say is the right thing to do with my child. As they would say on BBC, KWIM?

  9. I just wanna know how anyone is going to read all that stuff on the babe’s onesie if he’s curled up in a sling, anyway?

  10. Is there a single man in the world who would really wear any of those shirts? Especially the circumcision ones?

    Wait, don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know.

  11. [concerning the first one]
    Well, if they’ve been used, they’re garbage… I appreciate the thought behind their Public Information Notice but it seems a tad redundant.

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