Heads up to Dr. Bob again…

Still think delaying the MMR is a great idea?

11 Measles Cases Reported In Brooklyn:

NEW YORK (CBS) ― The city’s Health Department has identified 11 cases of measles in Brooklyn during the last two months and is advising area doctors to report any potential cases to officials.

According to a report issued by the department on Thursday, nine of the confirmed cases are in children ranging in age from 8 months to 4 years old. Two adults were also confirmed to have the illness. Most of the cases have had some form of close contact with others, and were either never vaccinated against measles or not fully vaccinated.

All of the cases were reported either in the Williamsburg or Borough Park sections of the borough.

The neighborhoods mentioned are heavily populated by my ultra-Orthodox coreligionists, and it stands to reason that the majority, if not all, the cases belong to that demographic. Quite a few of whom have relatives living right next to me and my place of work…let’s just hope nobody comes over here with the disease. We’ve had enough measles this side of the Atlantic already, thankyouverymuch.


4 Responses

  1. On no! That is just what we need. A measles outbreak.

  2. Esther– are the ultra-orthodox Jewish objections to vaccines the same as, say, fundie Christian objections? In other words, kinda anti-science, the creator didn’t intend this sort of thing?

  3. WW, yes, although it’s more complicated than that. Not all haredi groups are anti-vaccination. It seems to be a concept pushed by particular rebbes, and from what I’ve seen, it’s more prevalent in particular sectors of Israeli haredi society than it is in the USA. The problem is that frequent travel between the US and Israel means that it is very easy for measles to spread between unvaccinated groups in both countries (and in European ones).

    There is an interesting intersection between particular AP/NFL beliefs and Haredi Judaism. Because large families are important, trying to avoid C-section tends to be more common (Maimonides, which has a heavily Orthodox clientele, has one of the lowest CS rates and highest VBAC rates in NYC), and consequently natural childbirth is somewhat more popular. Breastfeeding is also pushed as natural birth control in some communities that frown on BC.

    • The reason it’s more common in Israeli ultra-Orthodox circles is because of certain sects’ anti-Zionism – the vaxes were/are supplied by the state, hence some felt they shouldn’t partake of them. This attitude mostly disappeared in the 60s-70s, however a very small minority still keeps it up. I still have a couple of mothers who’ve told me that “nobody vaccinates in my family”. I doubt they themselves could even give you a coherent reason why, though.

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