Another new and valuable pro-vax resource

The good folks over at Scicence-Based Medicine (linked in the blogroll to the right) have produced an aggregate of SBM’s posts on the topic of vaccines and autism, along with an overview of the subject written by Dr. Steve Novella and a comprehensive list and discussion of the studies done on the subject.

Vaccines and Autism on Science-Based Medicine

I didn’t see this one on the list as it doesn’t directly pertain to vaccines, but Dr. Harriet Hall’s latest post is a very good resource to use when answering the biomed mommies, who claim their autistic child improved right after being given this supplement or undergoing that chelation. (See also her article on the placebo effect in the Skeptic e-zine).


5 Responses

  1. I just finished reading their post; I’m excited to see they’re making it even more accessible. They do an excellent job there.

  2. Thanks! Sometimes it’s nice to have someone refute the nitty-gritty of those claims. I vaccinate and it’s also nice to see the details of why it is a good idea.

  3. Where have you been? Hope school started okay for your crew.
    I enjoyed that link, even if it got me into an argument with someone. People assume that because I am a breastfeeding advocate I support all other non-mainstream causes. Have a good Shabbat.

  4. Tell me more about this argument…
    Thanks for the well-wishes. School started well for them all, even the 1st grader (no more gan! Yay!!). And by you?

  5. My youngest also started first grade. Email me about the vax thing.

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