Sleep tight, lil’ angels

I’ve never been one for class reunions, but it’s always fun to see what my fellow medical school classmates have made of their lives, and of the profession, in the years since we graduated. One I speak to on an almost daily basis, as we work together; others have become specialists I’ve referred patients to. My middle son’s pediatric neurologist is also a former classmate, and our yearly visits with her, while always professionally conducted, also involve friendly chat.

Hence, I was quite happy to hear from a mutual acquaintance that my former classmate Dennis Rosen has become a pediatric sleep expert in Boston, studying under none other than the Great Ferb himself. And that he writes a blog on the subject of sleep over at Psychology Today, called Sleeping Angels. It’s not just about kids’ sleep, either. And that it’s really interesting, too (OK, that was my own conclusion after reading several blogposts).

(And I’m willing to bet that if Dennis looks at his referral logs, he’s probably scratching his head about now and thinking, “Who the hell is this person?!”. We were a class of about 90 students, after all.)


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