Surely I’ll be going to hell for this

And, kidding aside, I truly hope the poor girl gets the help she needs, but when I read that Alexa Ray Joel (Billy’s daughter) tried to commit suicide with homepathic pills, I couldn’t help but recall the video below…and snicker.

…OK, I actually gave a good belly laugh.


8 Responses

  1. You are not going to hell….I kind of giggled too. 😉

  2. I admit I laughed. Poor kid. This is not the way to attempt to kill yourself.

  3. Look at it this way: It’s the one documented case of homeopathy saving a life.

  4. request for theological … education.

    Uhm. Do Jewish people actually go to hell? I thought hell was a Christian construct. Gehenna is actually just sort of an eternity of boring?

    But I do have empathy for this troubled young woman….

    • Jewish beliefs about the afterlife in general are hardly as concrete as in Christian theology. this might be enlightening…or it might confuse you even further. It’s not something I really think about much!

  5. Several years ago I was reading an article by Phil Peverley, a doctor who wrote (and may still write for all I know) a column for one of the medical newspapers in Britain, and came across the quote “I once admitted a homeopath who had become depressed and taken a massive underdose.” I liked that so much I used it as a .sig quote on my e-mails for ages. (Peverley actually found one of them when googling his name once, and wrote to me to thank me for the implied flattery.)

  6. Too funny. Since homeopathy is mostly in the mind, I guess she didn’t believe in it enough.

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