is live!

So see ya over there!

There’s lots of tweaking left to do, but at least it seems to be working OK overall.



I know I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. Part of this is just real life (mostly work and kids) interfering with my blogging habit. Some of it, however, is me attempting to make a bit more of this blog than it currently is. I’ve owned the domain name for a while now, and will be attempting to switch over to a proper website in the near future. So if you can’t access the blog for a little while, you’ll know why.

Wish this technophobe some luck, will ya? 🙂


From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:
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Playgrounds for grownups

A few years ago, I read about how Germany was planning adult playgrounds, in order to inspire the elderly to stay active. It sounded like a really cool idea. In fact, so cool an idea, that it probably would take several decades to catch on over here in Israel.
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Skeptical Parent Crossing #7 is up!

Over at Clashing Culture.

Have a blast!

Skeptical Parent Crossing #6 is up

And I blew it again…didn’t manage to submit an entry on time. Oh well, there are plenty of good blogposts to sink your teeth into in this edition over at Rational Moms.

Enjoy! 🙂

I’m officially a twit now.

I’m not the most sociable human being in the universe, and really not that much of a conversationalist, either. But I’ve decided that using Twitter has certain advantages, so you can now find my (mostly off-topic and boring, admittedly) ramblings at , or just click on the pretty icon (courtesy of Siah Design) on the upper left corner of the blog.

Any tips and tricks regarding the medium would be welcome. And let me know who you are if you’re there, so I can follow you! 🙂